Our terms and conditions

1. Responsibilities of the hirer or company

a. Condition of the instruments

The hirer provides the customer with an instrument of flawless and sound condition, which is perfectly suited for the intended usage.

b. Insurance

'SchlagZu' offers its customers instruments which are insured for usage all over Europe. If damage should occur on one of the instruments, the customer will have to pay 1% of the actual value of the rented-out instrument. This charge will be at a minimum of 25 Euros, but it will be never more than € 300.

c. Maintenance

Proper maintenance and servicing of all instruments will be done by the company before and after the renting out of each instrument.

d. Repair of instruments

Should it be necessary that instruments need to be repaired during the actual rental period, 'SchlagZu' has to be informed immediately.

2. Responsibilities of the customer

a. General Agreements

The leaser of instruments accepts to agree to §6 'General Responsibilities of the Insured' out of the 'General Guideline for the Insurance of Music Instruments': It states that should the leaser decide to let a third party member use the rented instruments, the leaser will be held responsible for any damages which might occur.

b. Rental Price

The rental price will be fixed according to the agreed prices stated on the written calculation and/ or rental contract drawn up by 'SchlagZu'.

c. Beneficiaries

The leaser will have to make sure and guarantee that only trained musicians will handle and play on the rented-out instruments.

d. Constriction of Usage

It is forbidden by law to pass on rented-out instruments to third party members for payment.

e. Returning rented instruments

It is our customers' duty to return rented instruments on the agreed date and time. Should the instruments be returned later, the customer will be charged extra.
An authorised employee of 'SchlagZu' has to be present when instruments are returned. This employee has to make sure that the instruments are returned in perfect condition. If a damage should have occurred during the rental period, it is the customers duty to notify 'SchlagZu' about the damage straight away.

f. Obligation to Notify

It is the customer's duty to notify 'SchlagZu' about occurred damages without further delay. If occurred damages should be concealed fraudulently by the customer, legal steps will be taken against the customer.

g. Duty of Payment

The agreed price for the rented instruments, stated on the rental contract, will be due after the instruments have been returned. Should there be a different agreement on the rental contract, all parties involved have to follow this agreement.


Our customers must return our instruments in the same condition in which they received it from us. The general duties and obligations of the leaser/customer must be observed.


The scope of these directives is limited to the Federal Republic of Germany.


The courts of the town/city where the company 'SchlagZu' resides, will function as the appointed place of jurisdiction, if disputes should arise.