About us


Andreas Regler

Our rental service 'Schlagzu' ( which means as much as 'beat it' or 'hit it') started in the year 1994. Dieter Pöll is the founder of 'Schlagzu', but there is also Andreas Regler, who has been the owner of the company since the year 2009. Both Dieter Pöll and Andreas Regler are professional drummers who have completed a degree in playing drums and percussion instruments at renowned music academies.


A drummer or percussionist these days has to live up to the expectations of modern audiences and conductors, but also new compositions have tremendously heightened the requirements which a modern musician has to fulfil. Alongside this development also the need for high-quality instruments and the demand for a greater variety of instruments has grown.

It is our declared aim to support you with all our know-how. With our expert knowledge we will be able to provide you with the best instruments possible, instruments of the highest quality and best possible sound.